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You desire leadership that is people focused. Leadership that drives change, forges new paths and inspires passion. You want to effectively influence, and create authentic, people focused relationships. You want leadership that sees people operating as the best version of themselves. Leadership of Awesome is focused on getting you there.We host a series of workshops, one on one coaching sessions, and meetups, where you can dive deep into the topics of leadership and self development. We know that the best way to grow is with a community of peers who are experiencing the same journey as you are, so everything we do, we do in relationship. Let’s make it happen!


Leadership of Awesome offers one on one coaching sessions to help unlock your potential and overcome challenges. These sessions can be done either in person, or online.Our coaches have different styles and areas of expertise. Please get in touch and tell us about what you're looking to achieve and we can tailor a program specifically for you.

Our Coaches

Julia HarperJulia is passionate about inspiring people to do their best work. When we activate talented people, unite them in collaborative groups, and repeat this at scale, we create glorious outcomes to delight our customers and change the world. Using communication, influencing and EQ skills, Julia creates “safe to fail” and value-focused environments for teams to learn, innovate, and heighten collaboration. With a strengths-based approach, her goal is to accelerate the delivery of beautiful products, transform broken systems and grow diverse, effective and high performing teams.With solid expertise in human behaviour developed from many years working in the the counselling/psychology field, Julia transitioned to the tech industry. Working in product companies such as Myob, Xero and Carsales, Julia has coached leaders, built teams, and created breakthrough transformational strategies.If you're looking to get unstuck from self-limiting beliefs, unlock the true depths of your skills and talents, and take your leadership to new heights,
call Julia on 0410 467 950

Dan HarperDan strives to help organisations take a "people first" approach in a technical world. Growing a culture where smart, talented people have the space to think creatively and the freedom to make decisions helps companies innovate faster and deliver products that customers love. His 20 year career has included experience in software development, operations, consulting and startups.In recent years Dan has led digital product strategy at News Corp, consulted for software engineering teams at REA Group, and led the recent DevOps transformation at MYOB. He is currently Senior Engineering Manager at Xero, where he is working to transform the way development teams build software.If you're an established leader looking to progress to a more senior role, or an executive wanting to relate better to your board and peers, get in touch with Dan on 0414 344 233


All participants will receive a Leadership of Awesome branded certificate to demonstrate completed training.For in-house, corporate team workshops, please contact us to discuss your needs."Awesome Skills Training: Facilitation"Facilitation is the ability to support everyone in the group to do their best thinking. Collaborative groups bring innovation and out of the box solutions to deliver the best possible outcome. Skilled facilitators can set up a group discussion with psychological safety (high trust), and inclusion (contribution from all group members to aid buy in and increase creativity).In this workshop you will:- learn different facilitation techniques using visual, auditory and physical prompts
- understand why facilitation is the key to solving complex problems
- practice skills in a small, intimate group environment
- explore how to create a space that promotes psychological safety so people can speak freely
- learn the how to include the whole group in responses
- learn how to start and keep momentum going
"Awesome Skills Training: Communication"Expert communicators can raise the comfort and trust level within relationships. Using empathy and active listening skills, they know how to validate the speaker’s viewpoint and help them feel genuinely heard. Clear communication reduces the occurrence of conflicts later, as understanding is clarified regularly and feedback is honest.In this workshop you will:
- learn to match language to meaning being conveyed
- learn which communication qualities promote higher innovation and speed of decision-making
- practice active listening and incorporate body language cues to ascertain underlying needs
- understand the elements required in creating collaborative relationships
- discover how empathy can diffuse conflict resolution and create opportunities to challenge fixed views


Are you looking for an engaging, passionate speaker for your next conference or meetup? We provide a thought-provoking, interactive experience, designed to motivate and challenge your audience towards growth and excellence. See our recent speaker gigs below and get in touch!

Dan Harper:The Foundation of Awesome Leadership

Julia Harper:Releasing Your Inner Greatness: 4 Growth Principles:


Join us and be a part of a meetup that explores Leadership of Awesome. We hail from the tech industry and beyond. Together, we will experiment and explore how we can uplift leadership and effectively influence across our organisations. Our people are amazing, so let us be the leaders that know how to get them to the next level.We meet every month, check out our meetup page for details of the next catch up.Our format:6:00PM - Networking, chat, food, drinks
6:30PM - Speaker
7:00PM - Break into discussion groups, led by facilitators, speaker will give topic to discuss
7:50PM - Come back as a group, one person from each group can share with everyone the gems from the discussion
8:15PM - End


Workshops/Training:“Thank you for an awesome workshop! It was a great mix of discussion and practical exercises. I loved the interactions between participants and Julia - she leads with great heart. 10/10 would participate again.”- Zuzanna Janiak, Development Manager @ Envato

“I met Julia at one of the Leadership of Awesome meetup sessions while she was facilitating our group and I can say it was instantly recognisable that she is a phenomenal facilitator!
I recently participated in her facilitation training workshop and I found it a very enjoyable and informative. It was a perfect blend of learning new practical techniques, great discussions and having a chance to practice what you’ve just learnt.I highly recommend her training workshops and I believe any organisation or company would do even better with having a coach like Julia on board.”- Afra Dianati, Business Agility Enablement Manager @ Accenture

“Julia led an engaging, informative and enjoyable session covering a good intro to facilitation, with great practical advice, tips and tricks.”
- Daamon Parker, Agility Coach @ BP

“Very eye opening, extremely informative and full of positive energy. Highly Recommended”.
- Armando Breton, Senior Product Designer @ Seer

“Julia's presentations at the Leadership of Awesome meetup have been truly inspiring to me. She’s a confident public speaker who clearly articulates complicated ideas, provides relatable anecdotes, and practical advice. I wouldn't be on the career path I'm on if it wasn't for Julia's coaching and training. I owe you so much, thanks Julia.”
- Andrew Elms, Development Team Lead, Xero

“Julia is the ultimate coach! I've appreciated the deep dive type counselling combined with identifying my current state, desired future state, and mapping out how to get there. Having someone so deeply empathetic who is also not afraid to make you the right kind of uncomfortable is key to creating growth and success. Unlock your awesome and hire her!”- Genny Stevens, Lead Consultant/Project Manager @ ThoughtWorks

“I knew as soon as I heard Julia speak at a Meetup that I wanted to work with her one on one. Her energy and the way she made space for exploring one’s potential that evening reached me on a level deeper than thinking— it went to feeling and essence of being! For an ENTJ that’s not easy to present as compelling evidence, so take it as extra meaningful :)
Julia has a way of speaking into the confusion and chaos of emotions, perceptions, and thoughts to drive one forward on a clear path that resonates.It’s been a beautiful partnership so far. Thank you, J. “- Aimee Gonzalez-Cameron, General Manager, Biarri Networks

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julia@leadershipofawesome.comDan Harper
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